Photographs of the 2015 Fourth longer available

A few hours after the completion of the 2015 Half already have available photos of the Fourth 2015
Photographs of the 2015 Fourth

Photographs of different activities on Saturday 31 January

Photos of Peter Cornellas Saturday 31 January 2015 on the activities of Middle filled the streets in 2015 in Granollers
Festival and Mini familiar with the Middle and racing giants.
Sharing moments with the international corridors.

the mini-2015-01

the mini-2015-02
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Available results and photos of the Mini 2015

You can check the results of the 2015 Mini . You can enter the site the results of the Mini and search your name, dorsal category.
Also you have available photos of the Mini 2015

Cervero Esteban Martinez, winner of the iPhone 6 Plus courtesy Mail Boxes Etc Granollers

iphone-6-middle 2015

The athlete Esteve Cervero Martinez, with dorsal 7344, was the lucky winner of the iPhone 6 Plus has been drawn courtesy of Mail Boxes Etc Granollers.
Tomorrow we will make delivery of the prize!

The atmosphere in Rock Umberto dorsal shirts, windbreaker and Kipsang, friendly with everyone.

On Friday, 30 January 2015 began delivering gifts and ridges of the Middle 2015. We also have activities, lectures, and a fair broker Kipsang motivated and friendly with everyone.
We have some pictures of Peter Cornellas yesterday Friday.

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Training in athletics tracks with Samuel Kipsang

Athletics track REPOSITORY
Saturday, January 31, at 10:00 OPEN TRAINING Kipsang Samuel, Javier Guerra, Carles Castillejo, Rafa Iglesias, Arturo Casado, Emma Wat and other athletes will race Sunday Half or Quarter. There are all invited !!
This afternoon we enjoyed a nice chat with some of them Umbert Rock.