Half the program's Alley in Marathon Ethiopian



Taking advantage of the recent program Calleja Marathon in Ethiopia to inform you that Half cooperates with and support a program to help runners of this country. Among other things, specifically, we assume two athletes Oliver, a boy and a girl, who had Granollers not win anything but to come to know our surroundings, welcome them and continue to cooperate with the NGO that supports the complete training (not just sports) for these athletes. Soon more information.

Half 2014 2D and 3D

Here's the complete video that we edited the 2014 Middle Many will find, currents, or as public as volunteers. Thanks everyone and encouragement !!! As we prepare for the 2015 Middle.

Introducing the 2014 race club


On Friday, July 11 presented the first edition of the Barcelona Race 2014 organized by FC Barcelona in collaboration with the City Council and the Catalan Athletics Federation, to be held on September 7 Start and finish at the Camp Nou.
The event was attended George Moneo member of the Board of FCB, Xavier Amador, director of institutional relations of the City Council, and John Villuendas, president of the Catalan Athletics Federation, among other personalities.
The race, with a distance of one hundred percent a popular club and be part of the calendar "Current Barca do."


23rd day of the Catalan Athletics


On Thursday, July 8, 2014, Day was held in 2014 in the Catalan Athletics Hall Building Educational Catalan Sports Council Esplugues de Llobregat, with the presence of representatives of the institutions, Ivan Tibau, general secretary of the sport of the Government of Catalonia, Xavier Amador, Director of Institutional Relations of the City of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Sans, director of institutional relations and sports UFEC Daniel Laga, sports coordinator the Barcelona Provincial Council, Armando Nieto, president of the Alliance Insurance-Divina Pastora, and John Villuendas, president of the Catalan Athletics Federation. It was a day full of emotions where the Catalan Athletics Federation and the entire extended family have made the Catalan athletic awards and awards to individuals and organizations that are worthy of public recognition.
The awards for the best athlete Catalan 2013 season have been by Beatriz Pascual, who repeated award, and Angel wet. We have also awards the best in all categories Catalan athletes, coaches and athletes awarded to athletes who have broken a record of Catalonia. Clubs have received the trophies of Catalonia Championships outdoors and indoors in the various categories.


Club Gimnàstic Tarragona honored by the centennial anniversary of its founding and Athletics Club in Calella for its fiftieth anniversary. Merit Badge Domingo Casillas was by Judge Juan Torne, and Judge of the Year award for Edward Zamora.
Finally, noting that the Catalan Athletics Federation has also given due recognition to David Moner in his retirement as President of the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia, the Basque athletes and Mary Reyes Estevez, who also recently announced the its withdrawal from the competition and Rafael Sánchez for his career as a coach. El Mundo Deportivo distinction as organizer of the Jean Bouin, and the public thanks to the company 's Alliance Insurance-Divina Pastora, for his support of the Catalan Federation and athletics in general.

History of the Middle. Half 10th. 1996


The 10th edition of the Middle led us to move the start and finish around the new Palace of Sports, opened for the Olympic Games. Runners reached the finish line in 2484, 41 more than last year. The place of departure was just behind the Plaza of the source station with songs of colored paper.
The winner was returned at Benedic Ako which lowered the previous mark 4 "nailing the clock in 1:02:08. The winner was a runner who maintained first place in four consecutive editions, Josefina Cruz in which he obtained his first participation record of 1:14:06 proof "improving 22" Meadow of the Navy recordwoman year 190.

History of the Middle. Half 9th. 1995


Here's the poster for the 9th edition of the Middle, which was in 1995.