Eulalia Grier, winner of the adidas cap and backpack.


We've done a lot of backpacking and hats !!!
The lucky person was EULÀLIA Grier !!! Congrats.
Eulalia, contact us and stayed in private to give you gifts. Spent three consecutive draws, backpack, windbreaker and backpack, always hats.
Remember all those enrolled in the Alliance Taste of the Middle enter to win an iPhone Plus 6 pairs (among men and among women) 3 months free raffle at Space and checkups to complete the Alliance. The rest of next week sweepstakes, we have the tasting, but by November the resume. Good racing weekend !!!

More draws registered by the tasting of the 2014 Media Alliance


We are pleased to offer all new sweepstakes entered the Taste of the Middle of October 25.
We decided to double every gift and one draw among all runners and another equally among all runners. This is one side of the sports center 3 Months Free Space Granollers and also completed a medical stress test included in a specialized center for the Alliance.

Showers and changing rooms available for runners Tasting


Announcing to all registered Tasting Half the Alliance, which will be held on October 25, 2014, we have a new feature showers and changing facilities in the tube, right next to the slopes athletics, the arrival of the race.
Therefore, in addition to the changing rooms and showers courts have the Tube.
Alert to close the inscriptions of the Middle tasting Alliance on 20 Courage and good luck!

Martin Fiz Granollers


Missing week will be Thursday 23 October 2014 to find ourselves with Martin Fiz and share with him the film of his life.
All are invited to Granollers, at 20 am at the Cultural Center of the box. We offer some great data Basque runner

Draw an Adidas backpack and caps


After the success of last week, we draw on a backpack and caps. This draw will be held on Saturday 18 October 2014.
To participate in this draw you to register in the registration form found on this news below or by Facebook.

A challenge in pocket Chema Martinez

There are very keen to have the Chema Martinez us and Granollers, the talks we the last Friday before the 2015 Middle Rock Umberto as he recently by the latest editions of the Middle.
The Chema Martinez will explain his adventures and we especially entrust their enthusiasm and friendliness.
Congrats! A challenge in your pocket !!


A new adventure culminated full of emotions.
It has been an incredible week, once a farmhouse that I've dado cuenta de nada nunca debemos sacrifice, that there are dreams and then follow teniendo trabajar duro y realidad hacerlos esforzarse fear. This desert of Atacama WILL BE me during much memory tiempo de las Altas temperatures in the morning, the night of the Frio, coexistence in Campamento ... everything has been incredible!
Empezamos the desert 165 people, desgraciadamente not pudieron culminarlo and thirty five of them, a shame ... was an experience very extreme and demanding that everything about mucha Requires Preparation and hardness, both physical as mental, muchas horas con Esfuerzo of the Company only you mochila inseparable. All that cruzan the finish line are ya campeones! In crossing the finish line ganamos todos! Everything I RESPECT and admiration!
Although you've got to say, aunque te siento solo run and arropado acompañado always afraid with all runners, especially adventures and mis Compañeros fatigue, Jose Luis, Juan Carlos Andrés Jesus and have shared this third and vivid desert with me like it hicieron in Jordan and Gobi bone quiero chicos! The Antarctic and just left us to complete the Slam so great ansiado.
But despite the hardness've got to confess that I siento feliz, me siento grande, the enfrentarme to be capaz of these Challenges and everything about the power cumplirlos ago I felt specially well!
I do not farm it and continue to learn each new haciendo reto me that front!
Gracias por todo vuestra Support!