Sports federations and clubs claim facilities in the promotion of sport and difficulties


We were there and we have signed the manifesto entitled together with sports federations and clubs. The bodies that organize sports activities very difficult for us to go ahead and have luck in volunteering together. The new rules in place to facilitate rather hinder our work.

The world of sport and Catalan denouncing highlight grievances and harm suffered by the sport because of the recent legislative actions that ignore each and severely damaging the reality of the sector.
The sport has become a universal social phenomenon that contributes to reducing social inequalities and cultural, as well as improved health and well-being, while it is an educational tool and generating values. A person practicing sports is a saving of between 150 and 300 euros per year for the public health system. For all these reasons the promotion and development of sports activities are of general interest and sports associations is the best guarantor.
We note in this regard that the continuity of these Ombudsman entail the loss of most of the associations and regulated sports industry, which will be structured organizations outside any control or regulation. Download the manifesto

Continue the fight! Find out about the next steps for the rights of the sport and the Catalan Sports Federation Union of Catalonia!
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Awards for local classified Half 2015

On Tuesday 24 March 2015 at 18 pm awards ceremony will take place the first and the first ranked / from the Middle 2015 and populations that have made ​​the "Start making the Middle" Granollers The Franqueses La Garriga, Cardedeu, Canovelles, The Lobster and Almonds. The awards ceremony will be at KH7 Lloreda (Pol. Can Castells) Pg. Ribera, 111. 08420 Canovelles.
We leave the list / the winner / s of each municipality


  • HOME: Dorsal 8191 - Laure Perez Oller - 01:13:53
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 7940 - Nuria Rubio Bellavista - 01:32:01


  • HOME: Dorsal 8129 - Manel Cabanillas Vivas - 01:12:29
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 478 - Anna Creek Plan - 01:29:13


  • HOME: Dorsal 8345 - Dani Pastor - 01:12:50
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 909 - Silvia Parra Segura - 01:26:57


  • HOME: Dorsal 8596 - Roberto Sanchez Bustos - 01:12:50
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 3868 - Montse Cordoba Oros - 01:36:04


  • HOME: Dorsal 8483 - Jose Rodriguez Corral - 01:15:56
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 8586 - Gloria Rodriguez Vilaró - 01:39:37


  • HOME: 106 Ridge - Albert Caballero Recio - 01:11:37
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 9400 - Peicasat Cristina Rodriguez - 01:57:37


  • HOME: Dorsal 716 - Willy Sanchez Baryeno - 01:28:45
  • WOMAN: Dorsal 6402 - Miriam Pascual Abia - 01:44:20

Running BDN Alliance, a street race 10 km


Comes the fourth edition of BDN Running Alliance, a street race that travels 10 km of the most emblematic places Badalona. Starting and finishing in the Rambla de Gorg (opposite the Olympic Pavilion) is easily accessible via the Metro and Tram (L2 and L10, T5: Gorg).
With the slogan "Run, you have to live!" This year wishes to emphasize that it is more than a sporting event.
More information

Bernardo Moreno Navarro, awarded the trip to New York and an inscription on the New York marathon in VOTV


Bernardo Moreno Navarro, the broker Half 2015 was lucky in the draw to go to the New York Marathon and tourism for 5 days, today received the hands of John Villuendas all documentation for travel, accommodation and race . This lucky runner friend, will make his baptism at the cathedral marathon marathons, and so far has not run any.
We'll train hard Bernardo. Cheer !!!

Mark Korir wins the Kenyan and Ethiopian Meseret Mengistu in the Paris marathon


Kenyan Mark Korir with a time 2h.05'49 "has won the marathon on Sunday in Paris, played by over 50,000 runners. Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Meseret Mengistu with 2h.23'26 ", won the women's race, which dropped the first eight classified in two hours.

  • Male Classification:
  • 1. Mark Korir (KEN) 2:05:49
  • 2. Luka Kanda (KEN) 2h07: 20
  • 3. Sebok Tola (ETH) 2h07: 33
  • 4. Mike Kighen (KEN) 2h07: 42
  • 5. Kirwin Gilbert (KEN) 2h07: 44
  • 6. Laban Korir (KEN) 2h07: 54
  • 7. Deresse Chimsa (ETH) 2h07: 56
  • 8. Joel Kimura (KEN) 2h09: 46
  • 9. Pius Kirop (KEN) 2h09: 58
  • 10. Sintayehu Legese (ETH) 2h11: 07
  • Female Classification:
  • 1. Meseret Mengistu (ETH) 2:23:26
  • 2. Amane Gobena (ETH) 2h23: 30
  • 3. Visiline Jepkesho (KEN) 2h24: 44
  • 4. Meskerem Assefa (ETH) 2h25: 58
  • 5. Marta Megri (ETH) 2h26: 20
  • 6. Bruktayit Eshetu (ETH) 2h26: 48
  • 7. Meseret Legesse (ETH) 2h27: 28
  • 8. Atsede Bayisa (ETH) 2h28: 13
  • 9. Emily Ngetich (KEN) 2h30: 47
  • 10. Martha Komui (FRA) 2h33: 33

Bernardo Navarro Moreno, winner of the trip to New York

NYC Marathon 2016

Today, Tuesday 10 March 2015, held the draw for the trip and stay 5 days in New York with the inscription on the NY marathon VOTV included in the study.
The lucky winner was the Bernardo Navarro Moreno de Sabadell and the bib number 4142.
Bernardo Congratulations!