The atmosphere in Rock Umberto dorsal shirts, windbreaker and Kipsang, friendly with everyone.

On Friday, 30 January 2015 began delivering gifts and ridges of the Middle 2015. We also have activities, lectures, and a fair broker Kipsang motivated and friendly with everyone.
We have some pictures of Peter Cornellas yesterday Friday.

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Training in athletics tracks with Samuel Kipsang

Athletics track REPOSITORY
Saturday, January 31, at 10:00 OPEN TRAINING Kipsang Samuel, Javier Guerra, Carles Castillejo, Rafa Iglesias, Arturo Casado, Emma Wat and other athletes will race Sunday Half or Quarter. There are all invited !!
This afternoon we enjoyed a nice chat with some of them Umbert Rock.

Videos and photos of Half 2015


Adidas offers your best memory of your participation in the Middle, do not forget that on Monday 2 you can download your video to your arrival at the finish. You only have to enter

It also will be available for photos from Half 2015 Fotoesports and 9 Nine .

Information Maps Half 2015

A Rock Umbert Granollers on Friday and Saturday 30 and 31 January 2015, from 10 to 14 and 15 to 20 h
You can pick numbers of other people with the receipt of registration and photocopy of identity card (Val photo on mobile)

Map general. Map out. Drawers for color dorsal

General map of the areas in Granollers Half
- In blue ZONES OF VEHICLES FREE PARKING Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
- Rock Umbert space collecting numbers and gifts, fair broker, incidents, discussions, workshops, meeting Friday and Saturday.
- Sports Palace: changing rooms, showers, guardabosses, massages, WC's, refreshment final broth, tea and oranges. Podium, information point. It is the arrival area, the Meta and the Middle Quart. Space on Sunday 1 February.

Map Rock Umbert


Arrival map. Services Sports Palace and information points.


Suburban Catalonia with Half 2015

On the day of collection of numbers will give you a ticket to redeem free to stop a train ticket (commuter Catalonia) return Granollers !!

Suburban Catalonia Operated by Renfe collaborates with the average of Granollers, which will take place on Sunday 1 February 2015, facilitating the movement of participants in the test from any local railway station to Catalonia Granollers and return to point of origin for free with the presentation of the receipt provided by the organization on the Middle collection of numbers, 30 and 31 January at Rock Umbert (must bring proof of registration or ID).
Thanks to this collaboration, and Granollers Half contribute to the reduction with respect to the local greenhouse gas emissions made in the Covenant of Mayors which aims to reduce by 20% by 2020.


Half reports

Half announces that due to a last-minute injury and caution Dennis Kimetto may not participate in Half 2015 not to endanger his participation in the London Marathon.
Also, in the last hours agreed participation Kipsang Wilson, winner of the 2014 Half Marathons also winner of the London, New York 2014 World Marathon Majors of 2013/2014 and who owned the previous world record Dennis Kimetto who got lower.

kipsang-the-middle 2015
Winner of the 2014 New York Marathon, Half London 2014.

Possibly there is the three best athletes in the history of the marathon distance, has the best places and the best brands and has a personal record of 2h03'23, until recently was the world record. Holds the bronze medal at the London Olympics Marathon 2012 London Marathon winner 2h04'29 2014, winner of the New York Marathon in 2014 and the 2013/2014 World Marathon Major. Chosen the best athlete of the 2013-14 season this distance.